Pancrom has several certifications that guarantee that its production procedures are in agreement with the most demanding quality and environmental standards of the printing industry.  So, we can assure to our clients that they are working with a responsible company, which will provide services with impeccable quality.

At the moment, our certifications are:

ISO 9001Pancrom’s goal has always been QUALITY and ISO 9001 certification helps the company to maintain its excellence.
Since 2002 Pancrom operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, which were created to manage and control an organization, regarding the quality of all of its aspects. The aim of this certification is to bring continue improvements for the company, to make it more efficient in every process.



FSC ® is an international organization that promotes responsible forest management, and is one of the most recognized environmental certifications in the world. It establishes global standards for forest management, and has an associated logo mark. Products that bear the FSC logo originate from certified forests, that respect the FSC standards, growing trees in a way that is ecologically correct, socially fair and economically viable.

Pancrom was certified by the FSC in 2009, and since then is producing printed materials made from FSC certified paper.